April 2019, Chef Norm Pastorin


Chef started his career graduating from the Culinary Arts Program at Red River College and continued training under esteemed Chef Takashi Murakami C.M. as Jr. Sous Chef at St Charles Country Club. After making the move into the local restaurant scene, Norm opened The Grove Pub & Restaurant and, following its success, proceeded to open Cornerstone Bar & Restaurant, then Black Bird Brasserie, where he continues to build on the legacy of Winnipeg's long standing establishments. 

He competed twice in the Gold Medal Plates competition. In 2014 Norm was awarded the silver medal, and in 2015, won gold, which brought him to the international level in Kelowna, BC the following year.

Chef continues to be a proud member of the SOS Chef’s Dinner, and throughout the year participate in various fundraisers in the city.

The Grove, The Cornerstone, and Black Bird Brasserie are multidimensional neighbourhood establishments where bar and restaurant meet in the middle, blurring the lines between fine and casual dining. Chef enjoys serving internationally inspired pub fare along with a rousing selection of beer, cocktails, and wine in a lively and energetic room!



March 2019, Chef Kelly Andreas

March has us preparing a diverse menu with Chef Kelly Andreas, Executive Chef of Diversity Food Services, leading the way.


A bit about Chef Kelly’s professional skills and experience:

- Food and beverage experience of over 28 years

- In a leadership role for more than 20 years

- Leads by example with a passion for excellence in all areas of food and beverage

- Well trained in all factions of cooking competencies

- Diverse in menu design, functionality and verbiage

- Strong team building capabilities

- Strong coaching abilities developing people, improving skills, communication resulting in cohesiveness

- Detail orientated with driven ‘SMART’ objectives

- Very Strong Financial acumen in menu design, labor and food cost control

- Multi-unit operations with over 80 staff

- Restaurant opening and branding



January 2019, Chef Jessica King

It will be an amazing start to 2019 with Chef Jess Young leading the way!


Chef Jess brings 20 years of experience to her current role as Chef de Cuisine with Diversity Food Services -  a four pillar sustainable social enterprise that services markets throughout Manitoba and is dedicated to redefining institutional food services to capture an ecologically sustainable framework.

In 2008 she won Chefs of the City, bringing her to a stage in Australia working at Tetsuyas alongside their pastry chef. In 2011 she published a book highlighting healthy home cooking for your pooch titled “A Dog’s Breakfast” winning the 2011 Manuela Dias Book Design of the Year Award.

Chef Jess has contributed to numerous dinners benefiting our community, including Taste of the Nation, with proceeds supporting organizations dedicated to fighting poverty. She was guest chef for Women Wine Food for International Women’s Day in support of Women’s Health Clinic. Chef Jess recently participated in The Art of Good Food in support of Norwest Co-Op Community Food Center. She also volunteers, teaching cooking classes and food skills with House of Peace, a home where hope empowers newcomer women to live life and begin anew.



November 2018, Chef Kelly Cattani

November brings a formal five-course menu under the guidance of seasoned chef and community builder, Chef Kelly Cattani of Bluestone Cottage.

Kelly Cattani.jpg

Chef Kelly Cattani has been working in Winnipeg’s culinary community for over 17 years. She has been blessed to have worked alongside many of the city’s greatest chefs throughout her career. She is an avid promoter of fresh, vibrant and seasonal cooking and loves to create custom menus to suit the needs of her clients.

Chef Cattani believes that sharing food builds community and is a huge supporter of community building initiatives throughout the year. She has been a featured chef at many fundraising events, she has competed is several national culinary events, she has been published in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and has participated in a nationally televised culinary competition.

Throughout her career Chef Kelly Cattani has continually pushed herself to expand her skill set, seek new culinary adventures and teach others about the importance of scratch cooking and traditional food preparation methods. When she is not in the kitchen Kelly spends time with her family. She loves gardening, foraging for wild edibles and exploring the great outdoors. 

Chef Cattani’s newest initiative is Bluestone Cottage which currently offers catering and event planning services. Bluestone Cottage has a big dream of one day becoming a vibrant neighbourhood cafe and eatery in sunny Downtown Charleswood. Head over to and check it out, or connect with her at @bluestonecottage on social media.



October 2018, Chef Sonia Valdez

October will find us back on home turf at The University of Winnipeg’s Diversity Food Services’ main kitchen. We’ll be preparing a Salvadoran feast under the guidance of owner-operators Sonia Valdez and Jose Hernan from La Fiesta Cafecito.


Sonia and her husband Jose immigrated to Canada in 1988 from El Salvador.

At that time, she began working at Baked Expectations as a baker. “Baking was a passion  of mine with the dream of opening my own pastry shop“.

In 1994 that dream came true. They opened La Fiesta Cafecito on Sherbrook Street as a pastry-coffee shop. With the urging of many people in the community, it evolved into a full service restaurant, specializing in traditional Salvadoran cuisine. They then relocated to 856 Ellice Avenue and operated at that location from 1997 to 2007.

In November 2007 they once again relocated to their present location at 730 St. Anne’s Road. It’s a family-run business which they take great pride in.



September 2018 Season Kickoff Event

Our first event of the season will have us preparing numerous Middle Eastern delights under the guidance of Chef Sinan Aboud in the kitchen of his Ali Baba Restaurant and Shisha Lounge. 


It was March 21, 2002 when Chef Aboud looked up Chef Ali at Pasta La Vista in search of a job.  Even though Chef Aboud had to answer 'no' when asked if he spoke English, he still got the position. Since then, the kitchen has become Chef Aboud's comfort zone. Even though he was laughed at for his English, the chefs he worked with were helpful in correcting his errors. Chef Aboud learned how to speak English in the kitchen with their help.

Chef Aboud cooked at the University of Winnipeg's Diversity Food Services while studying biology and was known to sell and carry large amounts of pure saffron. Community involvement is important to him, as the many events he has organized or supported attest. With all of his worldly experience, Chef still finds himself most comfortable and at home in the kitchen. The kitchen at Ali Baba may be the best fit yet!



Jun 2018 Summer BBQ Windup Event

For our year-end windup this year, we are planning a farm-to-table 5km meal.
The prospective date for planning purposes is Saturday 23rd June. It will involve a meal to be created from products that are available from our host farm, Rudy Reimer’s Watersong Farms in Warren, Mb and from neighbouring farms that include a micro-greens and egg farm, a monastery that makes cheeses as well as Rudy’s trout and chicken farming.

The meal will be guided by a chef local to the area and knowledgeable about the farm-fresh products. We will, as always, do the cooking. There will be paired wines and relevant beverage choices and as a consequence we are planning to lay on a bus to take us and our spousal equivalents from Polo Park at 1:00 pm and drop us back there by 10:00 pm. So yes, this is a time commitment for us and our ladies. Any of the ladies not wishing to participate in the afternoon will travel on their own to Watersong for the evening.

The program will involve tours of the host farms to introduce us to the production methods and operations and the bus is retained for that purpose. There is also a butcher on hand at Watersong and a large smoking oven so we will have a variety of proteins and cooking techniques to explore.

We trust this will provide an exciting opportunity to connect with food in a different way and will prove to be an enjoyable day for our members and spouses.



May 14, 2018 Chef Emily Beger

Chef Emily Beger will be guiding the group this month.  Emily is the recipient of this year's award for most promising culinary student at Red River College.


Emily Beger, 20 years old, Graduated with Honours from the Culinary Arts program at Red River College in December 2017.

Coop Placements:
Bergmann’s on Lombard - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Peller Estates Winery Restaurant - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Awards Received:
2016 Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Award
2017 Paterson GlobalFoods Culinary Arts Award
2017 Les Marmitons Most Promising Chef Award

Why I Chose Culinary Arts:
Growing up I never put too much thought into my career, until at the age of 16 I was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic. With this I had to start looking at food a little closer and learning more about it and I discovered it was something that I really enjoyed. I started by looking up what foods are high in sugar and carbohydrates and then I found myself learning about the Malliard Reaction and much more from books and on the internet until I decided to actually study Culinary Arts and start learning hands on. I entered my first year of College knowing only what I had taught myself and I finished with my entire second year of tuition paid for by scholarships I received through Red River College. Being in school always challenged me, tested my limits, made me do things that were out of my comfort zone and taught me to never give up. I’m very confident I chose the right career and I look forward to always having the opportunity to learn something new.

The menu I chose for this event is with the theme of Spring
Rhubarb Ceviche and Asparagus Guacamole served with Corn Tostada
Kale Caesar Salad with Candied Walnuts, Charred Fennel, Roasted Beets, Herbed Croutons and Shaved Parmesan
Crusted Rack of Lamb Finished with Mint Butter, Herbed Risotto, Sautéed Morel Mushrooms, Spring Peas, and Sweet Potato Purée
Cherry Crumble with Sous-Vide Lemon Curd, Toasted Almonds and Honey Ice Cream



Apr 9, 2018 Chef Monica Bernard

Chef Bernard will guide the membership through the preparation of a Basquaise (French/Spanish) meal.


Hailing from Gimli, Manitoba for the past 11 years, Monica originally came from a small farming
community in northern Alberta and has been a ‘foodie’ since she was a little girl. Being on a
mixed farm meant having to tend to various animals as well as grow and maintain a large
garden and harvest and preserve all the bounties it produced.

Unlike most of the guests invited to Les Marmitons, Monica is not a Chef nor does she work in the hospitality industry. Her work in the construction management industry has taken her all over the world working at times as a Project Manager involved with building or expanding mining operations in such locales as Russia, Mongolia, Jordan, Dubai and most of Arctic North America to name a few. Amongst her work and travel she maintained her love of all things food and attended Le  Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Ottawa, graduating Le Grand Diplome (both Cuisine and Patisserie). Monica grows a garden whenever possible and if anything remains at the end of the season it is canned and preserved to enjoy throughout the winter. She continues to practice her newfound French culinary skills whenever possible as well as explore other techniques and food adventures wherever she goes. 

The menu for this event includes:

  • Roasted Eggplant Dip with lavash crackers
  • Baked Scallops
  • Clams in “Marinara “Sauce
  • Hake Galician Style
  • Chicken Basquaise
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Gateau Basque



Mar 12, 2018 Chef Norm Pastorin

Chef Pastorin from Cornerstone will guide the group through the preparation of British Pub Grub


Norm Pastorin
In a nutshell, I started my career graduating from the Culinary Arts Program at Red River College. Continued my training under esteemed Chef Takashi Murakami C.M. as Jr. Sous chef at St Charles Country Club. After making the move into the local restaurant scene, I opened The Grove Pub & Restaurant and following its success proceeded to open Cornerstone Bar & Restaurant where we continue to build on the legacy of two of Winnipeg's long standing establishments. 

I competed twice in the Gold Medal Plates competition. In 2014 I was awarded the silver medal, and in 2015, won Gold which brought me to the international level in Kelowna, BC the following year.

I continue to be a proud member of the SOS Chef’s Dinner, and throughout the year participate in various fundraisers in the city.
Both The Grove and The Cornerstone are multidimensional neighborhood pubs where bar and restaurant meet in the middle blurring the lines between fine and casual dining. We enjoy serving internationally inspired pub fare, and a rousing selection of beer, cocktails, and wine in a lively and energetic room!

The menu for this event will be themed after the traditional Sunday Roasts popularized in English Pubs and includes:

 Starters: Oysters with mignonette and Prawn cocktail with Marie Rose sauce

First Course: Scotch Egg with brown sauce (HP Sauce)

Main to be served Family Style: Beef Wellington, Spatchcocked Cornish Game Hen, Carrot and Parsnip Glacee

Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding



Feb 11, 2018 Sweetheart Brunch

The Les Marmitons members will wine and dine their significant others at this Valentine's event.  This year's event was held as a Brunch where all food was prepared by members.



Jan 8, 2018 Chef Mike Dacquisto

Chef Mike Dacquisto from Carne will be guiding the group through the preparation of a Florentine meal.


Executive Chef Michael Dacquisto has been working with WOW! Hospitality for over 20 years and has headed up such operations as Pasta La Vista, Dacquistos, Food Evolution, Prairie’s Edge, 529 Wellington, and now Carne Italian Chophouse. The menu at Carne is drawn from his experience in growing up in an Italian family in addition to his experience cooking food in Italy. Chef Dacquisto is passionate about this concept as it allows him to bring back some of the old favourites he is known for in Winnipeg, as well as the food that started his passion in the culinary arts.



Dec 11/13, 2017 Community Dinner

Les Marmitons Winnipeg served food to the local community at this annual event.  

Once again the Community Holiday Dinner was a successful and very gratifying event for all . Approximately 190  people  were fed a delicious meal. Half of which were children. The clowns were a hit once again and the room felt very festive. Thanks again to all who volunteered and donated  money towards the event. 

Wishing you all  Happy Holidays and all the best for 2018. 




Nov 13, 2017 Chef Mike Ozero of Rae’s Bistro

Chef Mike Ozero of Rae’s Bistro


Mike Ozero R.S.E. has been exploring the culinary landscape of Canada since the year 2000, where he enrolled in Winnipeg’s own Red River College Culinary Program. Diving into what would eventually become the canvas for the balanced creations Mike comes up with to this day, he began rotating through kitchens of various structures and styles. 

After his education, Mike began as First Cook at The Fairmont Banff Springs and quickly set the pace for his career. Moving on to run large operations as Sous Chef for the MTS Centre, and eventually gaining a Head Chef position at previous North Kildonan local fare favorite 925 Bistro. 

As the Bistro changed hands he was an easy choice to keep on as Head Chef at the new Rae’s Bistro + Lounge. With the network of Winnipeg’s culinary scene behind him, and a well nurtured garden of creativity, Mike has created a daily rotating menu that features his intense understanding of balancing and highlighting flavours.  Frequently offering course dinners, and foods paired with Mike’s second passion, craft beer, his Menus at Rae’s Bistro never disappoint and showcase what Winnipeg has to offer.



Oct 16, 2017 Chef Helmut Mathae

Chef Helmut Mathae

Chef Helmut Mathae

At the 2017 CCFCC Conference in Calgary, Helmut Mathae was accepted in to the CCFCC Honor Society.  Helmut earned his journeyman papers for Pastry & Baking in Austria in 1946.  He joined the Winnipeg branch of the Canadian Culinary Federation in 1981 and became a local branch directory.  He has held positions at the Fairmont Hotel, the Northstar Hotel and the Winnipeg Convention Centre.  Helmut's accomplishments include winning Silver Medals in the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics in 1984 & 1988 and the Gold Medal in 1992 in Frankfurt.  In 1987, Vancouver BC, Helmut was awarded by the International Judging Committee Professional Judging status.  In 2002 he judged the Baking Contest for the Skills Manitoba Competition.  In 2002 at the Manitoba Legislative building, he coordinated pastry for a Manitoba menu for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew.  He has been a director of the Winnipeg branch for many years, has participated in Western and National Conventions and was involved in fundraising for the Olympic teams and many fundraising events.

In 2004, Helmut received his diploma in vocational industrial teacher education and started his new career as a culinary arts teacher.  He has a passion to teach the future generation of up and coming young chefs.  As an instructor, he was always involved with local culinary competitions and instructed many students to win medals.  In 2010 Helmut was acknowledged as Chef of the Year 2010 for the Winnipeg Branch.  Upon his retirement in 2013 the CCFCC awarded Helmet with Life Membership.

Event Menu

  • APPETIZER - Chicken and pork pate served with apple and onion marmalade
  • SOUP - London Particular - Green Pea Soup
  • MAIN COURSE - Pork Wellington with Mushroom Duxelle & Beer Sauce.  Served with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and green beans with butter and fresh herbs.
  • DESSERT - Black Forest Cake with Kirsch server in a wine glass



Sep 11, 2017 Chef Luc Jean

Les Marmitons Winnipeg will be opening up the 2017/2018 season with Chef Luc Jean from Mon Ami Louis on the Provencher Bridge.

Having begun his culinary journey at the young age of fifteen, Luc has over 22 years of experience in the kitchen. From the Southern regions of France, London England, Tylosand Sweden and Brisbane Australia, Luc has consistently proven his culinary expertise and made a name for himself around the globe. In 2015 Luc took the reins as partner and executive chef at
Mon Ami Louis on the Provencher Bridge. As well as the restaurant Luc is the executive chef for the WOW Catering and has a cooking show on CBC Radio Canada called La Main a la pate.

Chef Luc started the evening off with olives and roasted nuts while he ran through the dishes that would be prepared over the course of the evening.  We had several new faces out for our first event of the season and as usual, the food was outstanding.  What a great way to start off the season.



Jun 22, 2017 Windup at Kitchen Sync

This year, our season wind up event will be held at The Kitchen Sync.  There will be two different versions of Beef Brisket plus we will be soliciting members for dishes that they can bring.  This event is open to members, guests, and their significant others.

There was a wide variety of dishes and the facility was beautiful.



May 8, 2017 RRC Culinary Arts Program Event

Every year, Les Marmitons Winnipeg contributes financially to assist one promising young chef from the RRC Culinary Arts program. Bradyn Palmer, is this year's recipient of our annual award. Unfortunately (for us), he has moved away so he will not be able to host this event.

Bradyn Palmer

Bradyn Palmer

Luckily for us, we will have the opportunity to showcase the skills of other chefs from the RRC Culinary Arts program.  

This month's event will be lead by Anna Macdonald and David Sawatzky.

Anna Macdonald

Anna Macdonald

Anna's Bio

I grew up in the small town of Pinawa, Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg after graduation to pursue a Science degree at the University of Manitoba. During the third year of my degree, I began to work as a cook in a small restaurant and discovered I looked forward more to my hours at work in kitchen than the hours I spent studying. I had always loved cooking and reading about food while growing up, but never considered it as a career option. Within the next 6 months, I transferred to Red River College to attend the Culinary Arts program and was happier and more enthusiastic about my studies than I had been while at the U of M. Since then, I have worked at The Grove Pub and Restaurant, Sous Sol and volunteered at a number of culinary events. Once graduated, I hope to travel to Europe and Asia, learn about local agriculture/farms while back at home, and eventually open a restaurant one day.

David Sawatzky

David Sawatzky

David's Bio

My name is David Sawatzky, and I am 25 years old. I am currently a student of Culinary Arts at Red River College.

Culinary Experiences/Co-op Placements
Winnipeg Squash and Racquetball Club - 2012-2013 (Full-time)
Burrito Del Rio - 2013-2014 (Part-time)
Canadian Mennonite University - 2013-2015 (Full-time)
Bergmann’s on Lombard - 2013-Present (Fulltime/Casual)
Marion St. Eatery - Winter 2016 (Full-time)

Why Did I choose Culinary Arts?
I grew up surrounded by food on a potato farm in central Manitoba. As you can imagine, I was never surrounded by a variety of modern ingredients or cooking styles on the farm. It wasn’t until my older brother came home from culinary school when I was in grade 10 that I started to appreciate food. He decided to showcase what he had learned for my family. He made panko crusted pickerel filets with prosciutto wrapped asparagus, potato gratin and a lemon cream veloute. I remember that it was the first time I realized food could be so much more than just nourishment, but it could bring joy, wonder and flavour into people’s lives. Since that moment I started volunteering in church kitchens, camp kitchens and soup kitchens whenever opportunity presented itself. It wasn’t until the fall of 2012 that I had my start in a real restaurant kitchen at the Winnipeg Squash and Racquetball Club. Since then, I have enjoyed learning from the people that I work with.

Chef Michael Fitzhenry, Program Coordinator from RRC will also be joining us as a special guest.


  • Course 1
    • Spring Vegetable Tart with Goat Cheese, Herbs and Green Goddess Dressing
    • Suggested Beer Pairing - Half Pints Lil’ Scrapper IPA
  • Course 2
    • Ravioli stuffed with Blue Cheese, Parsnips, Toasted Walnuts, in Sage Brown Butter Sauce and Parmesan
  • Course 3
    • Confit Arctic Char with Pearl Barley Risotto, Seasonal Vegetables, and Beurre blanc
  • Course 4
    • Manitoba Pork Chorizo with Baby Roasted Potatoes and Apple Fennel Slaw
    • Suggested Beer Pairing - Torque Brewing Company “The Witty Belgian” Wheat beer
  • Course 5
    • Rhubarb Berry Platz with Cornell Ice cream and Prairie Crumble



Apr 10, 2017 Chef Alex Vaziri

Chef Alex Vaziri from Casa Bianca will be leading this month's event.

The theme of this event will be Italian/European and the menu consists of:

  • Appetizers
    • Bruschetta al Pomodoro 
    • Cajun Shrimp
  • Salad
    • Mixed field greens with Italian dressing
  • Pasta 
    • Penne fumme with Italian pancetta, tomato and cream sauce
  • Entrée 
    • Roasted pork tenderloin with wild mushroom and red wine sauce served with oriental vegetables
  • Dessert
    • Strawberry Sambuca with zabaglione